Chamba looming center
Winter 2009

Infinite Earth teamed up with Dr. Prabhavati Dwabha, the director of a rural development project in northern India, in the means to improve the conditions of "Chamba looming center" in Uttaranchal, India. I.E donated money to fund the construction of a new building and two existing run down looms were replaced with twenty new machines.

The new hand-looming facilities have drastically improved the working conditions for the local women and they are developing a skill set that will enable them to become increasingly self- sufficient. The women have taken the initiative to organize a class to teach young women how to properly use the looming machines and they are working together to promote their own methods of production. The center supports their independent projects and proceeds go towards improving the living conditions of the women and their children.

Wadzeck Foundation
Spring 2010

Infinite Earth teamed up with the "Wadzeck Foundation" youth care institute, seeking to expose the children to art and music and through creativity and expression, with focus on developing their self esteem.

Peter Bolmer, a Berlin musician and Hannah Munger, a representative of I.E, met with the children on a weekly basis during a period of 6 months, teaching them skills in the arts. In addition the two artists and co-founders of I.E -Mika Rottenberg and Alona Harpaz arrived for a week and created collaborative art projects with the kids. The outcome was beyond expectation and I.E and the children celebrated it with an exhibition of the children's works.

Wide Children's Home
Winter 2012

In January 2012 I.E started supporting the "Wide Children's Home" orphanage in Tiruvannamalai, India. Mica Dvir Infinite Earths representative in India organizes various artistic activities with the kids.

As I.E discovered that Xavier, the father of the orphanage- who runs it together with his wife Kumari, is a tailor they came up with the idea of giving Xavier the opportunity to teach the children how to sew and bought "Wide Children" three sewing machines.

In addition I.E hires Xavier to sew garments designed by Mica Dvir, sells them in Berlin and later passes the profits back to the "Wide Children" home which are then used for the children's basic needs such as food, clothes, school material etc.

Project Kaokland
Winter 2012

Infinite Earth encountered the non- profit orginazation "Projekt Kaokoland", in Namibia, Africa. In initiative from a Berlin couple who moved to Namibia, bought a piece of land and sought to give shelter and feed homeless children. I.E transferred money to help build the orphanage and supplements such as blankets, kitchen ware and more.

Makom Balev
Spring- summer 2012

Israel,Infinite Earth collaborated in a very exceptional program with "Makom Balev" an after school day center where young girls meet on a daily basis.

I.E initiated a five month project, enriched with weekly meetings in the fields of art and body, to allow the young girls to discover their own creativity, and to intensify their self esteem.

The young girls enjoyed educational sessions at the "Petach-Tikva Museum of Art, as well as alternately weekly sessions by professional instructors and educators from various fields such as a fashion photographer, yoga instructor, theater actor and more. This project took place Thanks to the support of the Petach-Tikva municipality.

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